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All hospitals and healthcare organizations, both emerging and mature, face a daunting financial scenario in today’s volatile healthcare reimbursement environment.

Decreasing revenues, increasing costs, and high consumer expectations present a complex challenge for CEOs, CFOs, physicians and nurse executives, administrators, financial advisors and department managers who must not only lead in today’s climate, but also position their organizations for tomorrow’s financial tumult and potential political changes of the Trump Administration.

Our Team of Experts:

Produced by a national team of medical professionals, economists, administrators, lawyers, and accountants, skilled business leaders and IT consultants, among many others; Healthcare Organizations [Journal of Financial Management Strategies] on CD-ROM, or SaaS, looks at ways to manage assets, costs, human resources and healthcare claims. Everything – from inventory management to hybrid and activity based cost analysis in order to accelerate the cash conversion cycle – is scrutinized. And, modern health economic themes like competitive strategy, workplace violence and financial benchmarks, for both public and private entities, are included.

Contemporary Topics:

We also examine contemporaneous topics such as the lessons learned from the corporate healthcare market competition and the PPMC imbroglio of the early 2000’s, and the domestic financial meltdown of 2009. This includes current methods for achieving hospital objectives, negotiating and analyzing cost-volume-profit contracts, and understanding the financial impact of regulatory requirements under HIPAA, STARK I-III, OSHA, the US Patriot Acts, the Deficit Reduction Act [DRA], the often contentious Sarbanes-Oxley Act, ARRA and HITECH Acts, and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions [FACT] Act.

In addition, information technology issues like electronic medical records (eMRs), RFID controls, RSS feeds and blogs, Health 2.0 initiatives and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems are examined in detail. Virtually no operational, strategic business, health economics, or financial management topic is omitted.

“This wide-ranging examination of the fiscal management scene for hospitals, healthcare
organizations, clinics and outpatient centers includes case models, extensive appendices, and detailed checklists and templates that step the reader through a review of main issues for each chapter.”

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Many of our colleagues have their own e-journals, blogs, or full-on websites. We wanted to give you some resources to keep these costs under control.

Our Commitment To You:

Health Care Organizations [Journal of Financial Management Strategies] on CD-ROM, or SaaS, is dedicated to meeting the administrative needs of our nation’s healthcare organizations in order to help them maintain a competitive edge in the markets they serve; and to take advantage of emerging business opportunities. We therefore invite you to be the first health economics cynosure in your hospital, facility, or healthcare system to join us for the journey.

Let Health Care Organizations [Journal of Financial Management Strategies] be your guide.

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